Write an essay on the distribution and the density of population around the world

The regions of mineral wealth become a major source of industrialization and employment of a country. Further, towards west, Ludhiana in the Punjab plain and the Union Territory of Chandigarh show distinctly higher density.

The most significant point is, Australia is rich with its natural resources such as iron ore and coal. Availability of Electric Supply: They are to find necessary solutions to help these countries.

The southern parts of Chhatisgarh and its adjoining areas in Madhya Pradesh and Orissa report an extremely low density — less than persons per square km. Other pockets of heavy concentration of population, though less extensive than the Ganga plain, can be seen in the southern parts of the Indian peninsula along the coastal plains of Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

On the other hand, due to scarcity of water and harsh climate, there are less human dwellings in Arabia. Hence, we can expect a dramatic change in the global balance of population — in some 50 years only Western Africa will have more population than all the countries of South America, the Caribbean and Oceania combined.

By contrast, the whole of the upland plateaus, the Thar desert and the mountainous and hilly regions of the north and northeast contain very sparse population. Availability of Water Supply: These are mainly exported to all over the world and hence planted many business and investment opportunities.

The modified index is actually the ratio between two ratios — the ratio between the actual population and the average population, on the one hand, and the ratio between the actual area and the average area of the respective units, on the other.

The top obviously gets narrower as a result of deaths. This too will be further clarified in this paper. The east coastal plains also report a higher concentration than the interior uplands. Three distinct pockets with a density level of over persons per square km can be identified on the map.

In some European countries population rates are negative Hungary, Estonia, Russia, Ukraine and others. Modern societies must change their attitudes, and make everyone aware of the problem of population growth in the developing countries. The density is nearly zero in places which are extremely hot or extremely cold.

Essay on World Population Growth

The current Belgian growth rate would imply that our country would have grown to 7 billion in less than years. When birth rates are higher than death rates the population of an area will increase. In many parts of the world, the density of population is high while in others it is very low.

Many cities in India are familiar with this process. Of a total of 52 districts with a density level of more than 1, persons per square km the National Capital Territory of Delhi being treated as one unit as many as 33 are located in the plains of the north.

The first European settlement was located on the coast. There is, however, an upper limit to the density of a population within a unit area, imposed by size and tropic level.

The world population explosion: causes, backgrounds and projections for the future

The Ganga plain, as stated above, appears as the largest region with a higher concentration of population.importance of population and environment has been highlighted. The paper concludes with India is having 18 percent of the world's population on The growth of population, distribution and density of population are interrelated with each other.

Population density

High schoolers examine world population density and population distribution. Students examine population density in Jewish ghettos. In this Holocaust lesson, students calculate population density of cities around the world using the provided information. they determine the population density for both countries.

Population density

They write an essay on. Distribution and Density of Population in India (With Map) Article shared by: to in-migration of people from other areas in search of better job opportunities in the indus­trial centres in and around Kolkata.

World Distribution of Population (With Statistics). population are population density, population distribution, rural areas, urban areas, demographers, birth rate, death rate, life expectancy, migration, and push-pull theory. Through the unit on population, the students will focus on the big question “How can.

Population density is population divided by total land area or water volume, as appropriate. Commonly this may be calculated for a county, city, country, another territory or the entire world. The world's population is around 7,, and Earth's total area (including land and water) is , square kilometers.

The main factors responsible for unequal distribution of the world population are as under: In many parts of the world, the density of population is high while in others it is very low.

Write an essay on the distribution and the density of population around the world
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