Working capital management of fuwang ceramic

The Company was enjoying tax holiday for five years with effect from 1 st April and 1 November in respect of porcelain unit and Bone China unit respectively, which has been expired during the year under review.

Now this is the market leader as a ceramics company. Students are placed in enterprises, organizations, financial institutions, research institutions as well as development projects.

To acquire in depth knowledge about Accounts management. Provident fund is administrated by a Board of Trustees and is funded by contributions partly from the employees and partly from the Company at pre- determined rates. The company is engaged in production of various types of wall and floor tiles.

As a result of this association, they have been able to break the technological barrier and have become the pioneer in the field of Bone China manufacturing in Bangladesh.

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Achieving this objective, the ceramics plays an important role. And they already did it most efficiently and effectively. For that reason they have to give more interest so, they do not catch up their profit.

This is the newly set up house for producing the Packaging items to increase their efficiency. I will also give a brief description about the production process, accounts polices, recording system by Shinepukur Ceramics.

Since then, it has been operating as a public limited company with an authorized capital of Tk.

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With his reference I was helped by the senior officers and all other employees in other divisions. Fixed cost yearly changes because the company increases salary and bonus every year in certain proportion.

Year Day sales Inventories To understand the facts about the study in a realistic way and more clearly the quantitative expression of information is represented by data.

Therefore, there are few abstract theories in this report, although theory is used when it helps to explain or structure of a real-world process. Limitation of this Report All time they were extremely busy, but they gave me much time to make this report properly.

But only by cash and Accounts Receivable all current liabilities can not be paid because this ratio is less than 1.

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The Porcelain Unit has capacity to produce about tons per Annum. The first obstruct is time itself. Most of the company has its own modern, rich and wealthy collection of huge and various types of related books, Journals, Magazines, Papers, Case Studies, Term Papers, Assignments etc.

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The successful running of any productive industry depends upon how much they are cost effective. Return on Equity shows how much profit is generated for every taka Equity. Bone China is the life blood of SCL. With an affordable pricing structure, the company aims to reach a vast residential and commercial property development market that is presently experiencing rapid growth in Bangladesh.Report on Performance Analysis of Ceramic Industry in Bangladesh They highlight how effectively the profitability of a company is being managed.

cash flow from operation ratio and working capital ratio. present position and probable future potentials. 5|Page. the higher the liquidity ratios are. Fu-Wang’s Debt Management Ratios Total.

3. Working capital management Definition Importance of good working capital management Problems with inadequate working capital 4. Policies in working capital management: Among these three policies Conservative, Moderate and Aggressive find out the policy which is followed by your selected organization.

5. Cash Management 6. Nov 13,  · Report on Performance Analysis of Ceramic Industry in Bangladesh Prepared by: of times the short term debt obligations are covered by the cash and liquid assets. cash flow from operation ratio and working capital ratio.

Fu-Wang Ceramic Industries Ltd. (FUWANGCER) Stock Chart

acid test ratio (also known as quick ratio). Fu-Wang’s Debt Management Ratios Total Debt to Asset. All these works are related and relevant with my major courses like Strategic Management Accounting, Capital Budgeting, Working capital Management, Financial.

Working Capital Management of Fuwang Ceramic Empirical Study on Liquidity Management of Fu-Wang Ceramic Industry Limited Origin of the Report As a part of our study curriculum in BBA course, we have been assigned to conduct a study on “Working Capital Management (F), by Ms.

Sheikh Tanzila Deepty. Based on valid questionnaires, an investigation was undertaken through correlation analysis and multiple regression analysis to examine the following: the correlation between human capital investment and organizational performance, between organizational culture and human capital investment, between organizational culture and organizational performance, and finally the effect of.

Working capital management of fuwang ceramic
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