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Quality Assurance in Localization L10n Localization comprises making accommodations for certain ways of organizing or laying out text that are particular to a locale.

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Analyzing and evaluating different translations to acquire passive knowledge becomes one of the pillars of quality in translation.

Quality Assurance in Version Control A version control system allows one to roll back to whatever version is needed, based on criteria such as dates, times, authors, tickets, P.

Do particular words or terms or even graphics and their colors have the potential to be insulting in locales outside the one for which the target text has been created? The first thing that may jump out this way immediately is whether the target text is complete.

These two examples of localization show how the interaction between the translation itself and the cultural factors of the targeted market takes place within the commercial communication.

His role has become all the more important since globalization has paradoxically exacerbated the feelings of local identity in a culturally globalized era. Let us now take an example of localization that illustrates, in the same time, an adaptation of the text and the image and beyond that an adaptation of the interaction between linguistic signs and graphic signs in international advertising.

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It aims at adapting the semiotic elements of the original iconography to the imagination of the targeted Arabic consumers and to life scenes that are more common in Arab societies the cafes and their terraces In brief, the observed adaptations of the advertising image can be divided in two categories: I highly recommend this company to anyone who needs translation services.

Contacting the source text maintainer early in the process will avoid extra work later in case the source text is amended or corrected, which may prompt translators to have to go back and update the translation. The final review ensures that all edits are complete and the final translation sounds native, not translated.

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Let us take now a case of textual adaptation that illustrates, among other things, the ideological dimension of advertising message. How can we sell a standardized product to local and different consumers? The issue, which is at the heart of multilingual communication in this globalized era, is about managing cultural differences between the different hosting countries of a single advertising campaign.

The present article explains, in detail, the evolution that took place, its expressions and its stakes in the profession and training of translators in the field of localization.

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I would highly recommend them. Quality of the translation can be influenced also by the style used. The steps outlined below touch on preparation, translation, localization, primary quality assurance, version control, secondary quality assurance, editing, and delivery. Lastly, graphics, as well as text, can be linked to other documents or web pages.

I shall give here a few actual examples of the intercultural approach of translators within the framework of international advertising. The text is not only perceived as a verbal entity; it has also a graphic identity easily detectable that the translator ought to transfer.

Faced with a potential failure, which can have serious sequels financially speaking, the trend towards localization is gradually gaining ground. Our team collectively has decades of translation experience combined with industry-specific expertise to provide you with understanding as well as translation.

It can help translators focus on translation instead of coordinating graphics translations, accounting for character expansion, or solving double-byte issues. In this context, the translator plays a key role in the adaptation of the communication campaign. Nevertheless, the elements of this debate should be defined and elucidated briefly.

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Other items to look out for include: We accept your documents in many formats: Use accented characters, e. You can see when the document passes through assignment, translation, quality assurance, and into final delivery.

Having worked with GTS Translation for years, we found them to be a very reliable and cost effective translation agency, Pnina Berkovitz Stefano Di Martino The contrast between shooting indoors and outdoors is well illustrated by moving from a family scene in French to a street scene in Arabic ; the change is also obvious in the setting and the extras in the background.

Instead of the indoor scene poorly lit and well delimited, one can see an outdoor scene much brighter and more open to the eye. In fact, in one version the woman turns her eyes towards the family and in the other version she turns her eyes away of the young men in the background.

In case of irreconcilable disagreements between team members, majority rules; if that is unacceptable to the overruled member, other language teams should be consulted for advice; if no solution can be found, consult management.questionnaire is translated from the base language by a bilingual speaker whose native language is the language into which the questionnaire is being translated.

This version is then retranslated back into the original language by a bilingual whose native language is the initial or base language.

Translation errors can then be identified. Several repeat translations and back translations may. Create a new document and edit with others at the same time -- from your computer, phone or tablet. Get stuff done with or without an.

Submit translation Forms Z, Z1 or Z2 as appropriate. I Advertisement Include all advertisements to be used P J Data Collection Form Include all data collection/case report forms/questionnaires to be used P J1 i2b2 Data Collection Request Form Use this request if you will obtain data from the i2b2 database T T P International research.

The Translation of Advertisements: from Adaptation to Localization. Author: Mathieu Guidere, Master in Arabic language and literature and Ph.D in Translation Studies and Applied Linguistics from the University of Paris-Sorbonne, Lyon 2 University, Saint-Cyr Research Centre, France.

GTS provides advertising translation services to a wide range of clients, in a wide range of industries. Reaching out to international clients can be challenging: there is the matter of language but also numerous cultural issues to consider/5(32).

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The translation of international advertisements doc uploaded
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