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Furthermore the business needs to take an advantage of their huge revenue to increase their market power by merging or buying smaller businesses to increase their market shares and become the absolute leader in the industry.

There is a focus to delivering amazing relationship with teams, customersand partners that results in Business Leadership in market share and profits. Earlier price increases by 15 cents for stout and other beers were announced by Irish publicans in May One way of doing this is to provide guidelines of how to consume alcohol smartly and how many units are recommended to drink a week.

SWOT Analysis of Diageo PLC

However, it is observed that the undisputed beer of choice in foreign markets is Guinness Foreign Extra Stout. Taxation laws are every organizations nightmare and has a massive effect on large organizations making it competitive when I come to entering new markets.

Besides the firm can also start producing non-alcoholic products to improve their reputation due to the fact that currently they are seen by some customers as a company that has a negative effect on the society and majorly affect the costs to health by using alcohol therefore and introduction of softer drinks could help the company to rescue their image and attract wider range of customers.

And in the same year, 1 million pints were sold daily in Great Britain.

Swot of Diageo Essay Sample

The need for good interfunctional co-ordination Narver and Slater, to disseminate market information internally is reflected in many market orientation scales. This is causing geographical and sector expansion via acquisition, global branding, and an increasing focus on the key growth sector of premium wines.

Inthe Competition Authority almost pressed price-fixing charges against Guinness following allegations by Tommy Doyle that he, as sales rep for Guinness had been attending price fixing meetings with top officials in the company.

This is with the hope that the organization can avoid any barriers or obstacles. Diageo have responded by heavily advertising drinking awareness and drinking responsilbly when branding there products. Furthermore it would be recommended that the business expand the number of products and makes them more affordable for lower income customers to meet their demands.

All the information was gathered using secondary data on the internet from varieties of different websites and online articles because internet research provides huge range of information, however some Swot of diageo essay it was out of date or irrelevant therefore it had to be chosen carefully to produce high-quality SWOT analysis.

An examination of the organization's orientation was analysed, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats peculiar to Guinness Diageo was reviewed in comparison with academic literatures. Do you need case studies showing that others are using your product in a given market? The cost of Shipping is another economic downfall for Diageo.

Increased consolidation in global industry: Specific marketing towards younger consumers in these markets, and continued expansion of wine distribution in developing markets are two key strategies in confronting this challenge.

Focused marketing of Blossom Hill in the UK has paid off, with significant volume increases during fiscal To seek and benefit from diverse people and perspectives and also to strive to create mutually fulfilling relationships and partnerships.

All promotion made by Guinness were to take the competitive advantages over its competitors, a competitive advantage which has led to an extensive and highly-developed Web presence.

Currently parts of Europe such as Ireland, recorded Corporate Watch consulted on 12th December at One way of doing this would be to look towards acquiring a smaller company, with one or two recognised brands, and leveraging Diageo's main strength: Guinness has benefitted from being a global brand as many regulations that apply in Europe, do not apply in areas where the stout presently enjoys high sales and profits like in Nigeria.

A broad wine portfolio means that the company is reasonably insulated from undesirable fluctuations in consumer confidence, through its affordable labels, but can also offer the aspirational consumer, higher-priced reserve wines.

It is necessary or a moral duty of each company to try that they will not affect the nature with their factories or manufacturing plant. Materials such as water which is 90 percent of the composition in alcholoic drinks is a very high demanded material that is becoming a scares resource.

A sanity check is needed to compare internal beliefs and perceptions to marketplace realities. There is a need to coordinate between producers to maintain steady level of supply, and the use of available technology to prevent the damaging effects of over, or under, supply.

What can you leverage to succeed? However, through extending its wine offering, Diageo will intensify the competition between itself and companies such as Pernod Ricard or Allied Domecq, as well as more wine-centred companies including Kendall-Jackson or Constellation Brands. The company already has Latin American operations in the form of its Monte Xanic wine, acquired through the purchase of Chalone Wine Group in To identify our company, please write "PaperStore" where the form asks you for our Code City.

This is already being tackled by cultivating a sophisticated, yet accessible product image for wine.SWOT analysis of Diageo company which has been operating in beverage industry since It's the world largest producer of Spirit, beer and wine.

Strengths • A highly recognized brand which has a market presence in countries. • Strong sales and distribution network •. A SWOT ANALYSIS OF DIAGEO COMPANY OVERVIEW Diageo is one of the world's leading premium drinks business with an outstanding collection of beverage alcohol brands across spirits, beer and wine.

Diageo Ireland is one of Irelands biggest exporters accounting for approximitly 1 billion euro of its annual exports.(point) Putting the cost of distributing products all around the world by shipping or by air aside.

SWOT Analysis of Diageo PLC In five pages a student supplied case study is used in a SWOT analysis of British alcoholic beverage producer Diageo PLC with. Diageo produce a wide variety of brands, and every day, everywhere customers and consumers rely on Diageo to help them celebrate life, and have made customers as well as consumers to be passionate about the company’s legacy.

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Introduction Diageo plc is a British multinational firm that owns some of the most popular alcoholic drinks in the world. The firm boosts a reputation of not only being the largest spirits producer in the world, but also being the world 's leading premium drinks company.

Swot of diageo essay
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