Sack back writing armchair

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Windsor chair

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Origins T he Windsor originated in England early in the 18th century, and was first common around the town of Windsor.

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Windsor chair

There are even Windsor settees. There are even Windsor settees. The spindled backs come in several heights and shapes too, and Windsors are usually identified by that feature: "low back," "comb back," and "bow back.".

Windsor Chairs at Great Windsor Chairs. We offer a large selection of chairs for your kitchen and dining needs. Our Sack-Back Windsor Armchair is a solid chair for the kitchen or dining room.

This Windsor chair is designed and finished to have an antiqued appearance and finish. The Historical Fan-Back Windsor Writing Armchair combines.

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Illustrated FURNITURE Glossary. Illustrated Architecture Dictionary. Sack-Back / Hoop-back Armchair Sack-Back / Hoop-back Armchair They attached the paddle in one of three ways: with the writing surface substituted for the regular arm; with the paddle attached over the original arm; or with the chair and arm designed and.

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Sack back writing armchair
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