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The reaction of many software professionals has been to ask, "How does this apply to me and my project? The product management role is positioned to achieve this by acting as the customer advocate to the team and as the team advocate to the customer.

Though the landfill approach tries to satisfy everyone, in the end it pleases no one because it is sometimes agile, sometimes heavy. For software professionals, the most important element of process guidance is the immediate availability of the right guidance provided at the right time combined with tool support integration.

Combined previously separate models into unified Team and Process models designed for application across a variety of project types including deployment, enterprise software integration, and development projects.

The methodology will show when new portfolio projects projects utilizing the Team Foundation Server capabilities are created and you process will be centrally available to all members of the team.

Visual Studio 2005 Team System: Microsoft Solutions Framework

Both approaches have relative merits as well as weaknesses. This article introduces MSF 4. The ability to simultaneously update templates, guidance, and tool help ensures that all aspects of the process guidance match.

Data is collected as part of the daily activity. The Microsoft Download Manager solves these potential problems. In MSF every action is captured in process context.

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Microsoft seems to be encouraging MSF more for infrastructure deployment than application development. The Formal Process Model The formal process model has been developed in the business world mostly outside the software development culture.

MSF uses this pool of real-world best practices, which have been proved both internally and externally, and simplifies, consolidates, and verifies them for easier understanding and adoption by partners and customers. The six roles of the team model correspond directly with the six key quality goals for an effective project team.

Integration with the chosen toolset took the form of a specific page devoted to using a software development tool or deployment environment in the context of the process. Microsoft is of the opinion that organizations have diverging dynamics and contrary priorities during their software development ; some organizations need a responsive and adaptable software development environment, while others need a standardized, repeatable and more controlled environment.

Process extensibility allows customization of work item types, check-in policies, custom reports and project management templates. It is structured in both descriptive and prescriptive methodologies.

Not understanding and planning for SMS security policies Security breaches — unauthorized access of client computers or malicious destruction of client computers Plan for security early, so that you can ensure the security of your computing environment.

The trouble is that these techniques are divorced from the tooling that they use.

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The result is a static process that often does not change as the project technology and environment change. The descriptive component is called the MSF 4. The MSF philosophy holds that there is no single structure or process that optimally applies to the requirements and environments for all sorts of projects.

Microsoft Solutions Framework MSF v4 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

You can choose whether to allow people to download your original PowerPoint presentations and photo slideshows for a fee or free or not at all.

Additionally, MSF interacts with Microsoft Operations Framework MOF to provide a smooth transition to Microsoft solutions framework operational environment, which is a requirement for long-term project success.

MSF also continues to draw upon current Microsoft experience. Many Navigation Paths MSF provides not just one navigational path through the process guidance but a variety of paths that change depending on the decisions of the user.

By integrating process into the tools team members use on a daily basis, MSF lowers the barrier to adopting process and enables the automatic collection of cross-functional project metrics without the overhead associated with manual reporting.

The MSF vision is to provide process guidance developed for software professionals by software professionals that is productive, integrated, and extensible.

Users chose an agile or formal approach, incorporate scenario-based development, and determine their own path through the content. What the teams learn from these internal project efforts is consolidated and distributed outside of Microsoft through MSF. Lessons Learned from Traditional Approaches A frequent complaint from project managers is that process training is expensive and methodology is a stumbling block.Microsoft Solutions Framework Essentials (Developer Reference) [Michael Turner] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

Get the definitive guide to learning the foundational principles, mindsets, and best practices of the Microsoft Solutions Framework (MSF)/5(7). Microsoft® Solutions Framework (MSF) is a deliberate and disciplined approach to technology projects based on a defined set of principles, models, disciplines.

Apr 15,  · The MSF Team Model describes Microsoft’s approach to structuring people and their activities to enable project success.

Microsoft Solutions Framework

The model defines roles, functional areas, responsibilities, and guidance that helps team members reach their unique goals in the project lifecycle. Note: Microsoft seems to be encouraging MSF more for infrastructure deployment than application development.

Appendix A - Understanding Methodology and Risk

As a result, this phase is actually known by two names. Deployment is used for infrastructure deployment, and stabilization is. Microsoft Solutions Framework (MSF) is an integrated system of process guidance that embraces both agile and formal methodologies and provides a framework to implement a customized solution for a wide variety of projects.

6 Microsoft Solutions Framework version Overview • Lists of requirements that fail to address the real customer problems, cannot be implemented as stated, omit important features, and include unsubstantiated features.

Microsoft solutions framework
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