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Today, MOCA is a national cultural anchor and a global destination. Oct Negotiates a contract with American Bell Telephone Company, which agrees to pay his expenses and salary for telephone experiments.

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Such charges include shoplifting, marijuana possession, trespassing and assaults like bar fights. InAndrew W. The Studio Museum in Harlem The Studio Museum in Harlem is the nexus for artists of African descent locally, nationally and internationally and for work that has been inspired and influenced by black culture.

Become a part of the Sugar Hill family! Apr Discontinues inconclusive insulation experiments; discharges his chemical laboratory staff including Reginald A. Today, MOCA is a national cultural anchor and a global destination. Brooklyn Defender Services is a public defender organization that represents nearly 35, people each year who are too poor to afford an attorney.

May 3 Organizes the Edison Phonograph Works.

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Byeighty-five percent of the population was black. The present, gridiron, street system was laid Brooklyn papers inas shown Brooklyn papers the Street Commissioners map ofand the blocks were lotted.

Mar 1 Establishes a testing department at the Edison Lamp Works, which also becomes headquarters for lamp experiments.

Today, MAD offers a rich variety of exhibitions and public programs, presenting contemporary art and design in social contexts. A series of six intensive, hands-on workshops prepares the participants to design a public art installation that expresses a positive social message of their choice.

Feb Returns to the Edison General Electric Company plant in Schenectady to work on an alternating current transformer and to conduct additional experiments on streetcar motors.

New generations are taught how to recognize and fight contemporary instances of injustice and oppression. Dickson resigns his position at the West Orange laboratory.

Oct 17 The first foreign kinetoscope parlor opens in London, England. Aug 3 Edison's third son, Charles, is born. Young New Yorkers Young New Yorkers is a restorative justice, arts program for and year-olds who have open criminal cases.

Dickson and Theodore Heise go on to copyright approximately seventy-five motion pictures in Bedford Corners, approximately located where the present Bedford Avenue meets Fulton Streetand only three blocks west of the present Historic District, was the intersection of several well traveled roads. Fall Establishes at the Edison Machine Works a testing department that also becomes the headquarters for dynamo and other electric lighting experiments.

Hudson Holly as architect and supervising contractor for construction of the West Orange laboratory. Jail-Based Services Nearly 80 percent of people in city jails are in pre-trial detention, meaning that they are unable to pay bail as they await the disposition of their criminal case.

In pre- revolutionary Kings County, Bedford was the first, major settlement east of the Village of Brooklyn on the ferry road to the town of Jamaica and eastern Long Island. Dec 30 Becomes ill with pleurisy and is confined to Glenmont.

Kentucky to provide competent advice to criminal defendants to help them make an informed choice about their cases. July 3 Provides the principal funding for Science, which begins publication on this date. Photo by Danny Lyon.

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May 13 Tests his experimental electric railway at Menlo Park. Remember, kids are always FREE! Sep 1 Merges the Thomas A. Several newspapers recorded speeches he gave at rallies, one of which reads in part "Friens and feller workers.

May The Edison Phonograph Works suspends the manufacture of talking dolls. The office allows BDS to better serve our clients living and working in the neighborhoods of East New York and Brownsville in their community, so that they may access services, meet with their attorneys, attend Know Your Rights trainings, and seek legal advice.

Kennedywho was elected US Senator for the State of New York, was tasked on fighting the war on poverty as protests against discrimination broke out across the urban north while the issues of the civil rights movement in southern states were still more of a priority for African American rights activists.

The houses had large rooms, high ceilings, and large windows and were built primarily by German immigrants. Earlier in the same year Charles C. In addition, BFDP now works collaboratively with criminal defense attorneys on shared cases, improving outcomes for clients in both courts.

Newsboys' strike of 1899

It is a site for the dynamic exchange of ideas about art and society.Bedford–Stuyvesant (/ ˈ b ɛ d f ər d ˈ s t aɪ v ə s ən t /; colloquially known as Bed–Stuy and Bedford-Stuy) is a neighborhood in the north-central portion of the New York City borough of neighborhood is part of Brooklyn Community Board 3, with small sections located within Brooklyn Community Board 8 and Brooklyn Community Board The neighborhood is patrolled by the.

The newsboys' strike of was a U.S. youth-led campaign to force change in the way that Joseph Pulitzer and William Randolph Hearst's newspapers compensated their child labor force of newspaper strikers demonstrated across the Brooklyn Bridge for several days, effectively bringing traffic to a standstill, along with the news distribution for most New England cities.

Progressive Process Service offers expedited and cost effective process serving service to attorneys in New York State, including NYC, Manhattan, the Bronx and Queens, NY. Hire legal process servers for service of legal papers in New York.

; Jan 2: Begins construction of his first generator.

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Jan Conducts an extensive series of experiments on platinum and other metals. Mar Page 1: So stuffed, in fact, it needs to take another day off its feet to digest the last scraps of turkey making their way through its system after yesterday’s Thanksgiving feast.

So get a head start on your weekend reading by downloading this week’s edition, and catch the Paper back in its normal routine on Monday, when it will return to delivering breaking news from across the borough. The Bronx County Historical Society was founded in to preserve the heritage of this thriving community.

The Society administers the colonial era Valentine-Varian House, The Bronx County Archives, and Poe Cottage, the final home of America's great .

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