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Verse 12:34

The expulsion occurred some eight years prior and there doesn't appear to be any concrete evidence to demonstrate that such was the case in A. Sherwin-White has pointed out, the comparison of ius gladii with the Bible 105 4 of general governing will not stand.

Ksemann suggests another possibility for the background to the passage. One hindrance to an assured link here is the question of how widespread this terminology for Rome really was. The author of the Letter of Aristeas says that a person can avoid envy by realizing that "God assigns glory and greatness of wealth to kings, each and every one, and that no king is independent.

Praise you his holy name, so some; but it comes all to one, for in glorying in him we give glory to him. Again, the injunction is given to remember the marvelous works which God had performed, in Bible 105 4 deliverance of his people from Egypt, when he displayed his power in new and unusual ways.

What does the term krivma denote? Eisenbrauns,; also, G. This imagery is seen by many to be clearly indicative of Rome or at least some ideal or future world dominating power in its sheer vastness.

If so, did any group predominate? His assumption is that the government in power even Rome with its erroneous religious views, etc. It seems fairly clear that Paul is deriving his idea of the authorities being appointed by God, not directly from the gospel or early church tradition per se, but instead from the OT and his Jewish background, perhaps as a Diaspora Jew.

The term is also used theologically with God as the subject and the one who "appoints" people to eternal life Acts In Wisdom of Solomon 6: InterVarsity, Please copy and give away.

Even Beale recognizes this to be the likely explanation for these two exceptions: This interpretation rests on the qualitative use of uJperecouvsai" which we rejected above. If the basic contention of this thesis is correct and the Babylon of chapters 17—18 represents apostate Jerusalem, then chapter 18 certainly links much of her sin to compromise with other nations.

This then puts us at a crossroads. Bitter financial disputes broke out, as Barker accused Norton and Bill of concealing their profits, while Norton and Bill accused Barker of selling sheets properly due to them as partial Bibles for ready money.

At the end of chapter 17, the interpreting angel tells John the identity of the adulterous woman explicitly: The term as used in the New Testament has the constant reminder that there is a divine "order" at work, wherein God values societal order and is seeking in the context of redemption to bring such a result out of the chaos of sin in human relations.

Finally, as far as NT usage is concerned, Luke uses it to refer to Jesus' submission to his parents after the Temple incident Luke 2: Certain points may be stronger than others, but overall I think their cumulative weight warrants careful consideration.

Without entering into the rather great debate as to the purpose of the letter, 34 we can see that there is a new defining line for the people of God—faith in Christ Jesus 3: Virtually every serious commentary on the book of Romans has had to wrestle with the integrity of the last two chapters of the work, especially chapter It can mean simply "to point out, choose or indicate," as in the case of Jesus choosing the mountain where he wanted to meet his disciples Matt These are strong words showing God's commitment to resist Israel in her adultery.

The Geneva Bible continued to be popular, and large numbers were imported from Amsterdam, where printing continued up to in editions carrying a false London imprint. Hobbes advances detailed critical arguments why the Vulgate rendering is to be preferred.

It is also seen as a commendable attitude in The Letter of Aristeas, where the text refers to a person who has a willing desire to submit to others.

Can this be said of Jerusalem in any sense? In order to deal with this objection, we must look at the two composite parts of this phrase individually in the light of their literary background within the context of Revelation.

The degenerate Jewish Church had then called in the assistance of the world-power of Rome, had stirred it up, and had persuaded it to do its bidding against its true Bridegroom and King. Cullmann's term "instruments" them. A Practical Basis There is in fact a fairly substantial precedent for similar hyperbolic language of exaltation for the city of Jerusalem in the Old Testament as well other early Jewish sources.

Certainly, this is one of the more problematic issues for the Jerusalem view, but a case can be made that this sort of language is not out of line in a context such as this. If the Son has to submit, we must all submit to whatever authority God the Father has appointed cf.


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